When the singer peeks through a crack in the manhole cover to get a look at the outside world, he encounters an unfamiliar world: the shopping street with its day-to-day routine, the people strolling in the streets, the sound of rustling shopping bags, and empty stares. The musician, Brillo, turns around and disappears back into the sewer. BEAM ME UP,SCOTTY! The sound of rockets and suddenly we are thundering over the town and see it lying underneath. Later... The deserted streets of the town are bathed in black light. Church bells are striking midnight. The band, though, is awake, rehearsing.

Now we perceive the band's world from their point of view. The tone of the film changes. Multi-colored images replace the colors of everyday life.
From now on the frames are monochromatic. Near the end of the film the colors switch back to "normal" again, but the everyday life now seems distorted and unreal.

During the course of the final open-air gig in Berlin, we get to meet a community of artists living in Berlin's eastern district "Prenzlauer Berg". The band plays in the artists' inner courtyard, side by side with bird people, dinosaurs, flying dogs, and other actual-size works of art.

At the Berlin gig, North Rhine-area-based BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY! finally succeeds in beaming up. The sound of rockets. The musicians take off upside down together with their audience and end up in the manhole. The cover opens.
Everyday life. Now it is the audience’s turn to peek through the crack to see what's going on in the shopping area.

BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY! There is no intelligent life on earth...

Film Festivals: International Filmfestival Magdeburg, Sept. 1994
Days of the Independent Film, Osnabrück, Jan. 1995
Göttinger Filmfestival, October 1996
Osnabrück Sneak Preview, July 1995 & Dortmund 1996

'Technical data: 104.01 minutes. Monochromatic colors. 35mm, 1:1,66 Dolby Stereo SR

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